Fitness to restore atrophied muscles

Muscle atrophy is defined as the wasting of muscle tissues. This has various reasons like a lack of activity, aging, arthritis, etc. The condition may be classified as disuse atrophy or neurogenic.

It is possible however, to regain these tissues through a good diet and exercises. Before starting any exercises to restore atrophied muscles, it is important to consult a doctor.

Disuse atrophy can be avoided simply by exercising a little regularly. Using props like a fitness ball or hand weights, you can create new movements which will keep your body supple. In the case of elderly patients, strength training can help them to gain lean muscle weight.

It is more difficult to treat neurogenic atrophy, where muscles are diseased or injured. However, special treatment is available. This is mainly through assisted exercise like walking, cycling, swimming, etc. Such treatments require patience and much hard work and commitment for results to be seen.

A good eating plan and a certified trainer can help you get started on this treatment. It might be a few years, however, to regain full muscle strength depending on your initial condition.

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