Pregnancy Massage in the Wise Woman Tradition

Class Description

Through lecture, birth-story sharing, role playing, illustrations and diagrams, this course offers insight into the multi-dimensional needs of the Pregnant, Laboring and Postpartum Mother. We will demonstrate practical skills for relieving the discomforts of Pregnancy, reinforce the anatomy & physiology of Pregnancy and Labor and introduce Shiatsu & Reflexology techniques for the Childbearing Year.

Methods of assessing potential complications and contraindications for pregnancy massage will also be included. With ample time for massage practice and full class participation, you will develop your ability to integrate therapeutic massage techniques to meet each mother’s transforming needs. By the end of the weekend you will be able to:

  • Discuss the Benefits of Massage for Mother and her growing Baby
  • Take client histories and assess for potential complications during Pregnancy
  • Recognize and discuss the contraindications for Pregnancy Massage
  • Recognize scope of practice, be knowledgeable about community resources, and be able to offer appropriate refferals
  • Demonstrate full-body Pregnancy Massage with ease and confidence
  • Demonstrate specific techniques to relieve discomforts of Pregnancy, Labor & Postpartum