Therapeutic Bodywork

Therapeutic bodywork speeds up recovery after sports injuries, intense exercise or serious physical exertion. Healing effects of bodywork are manifested through the reduction of swelling and muscle damages. It was found that bodywork affects human body at cellular level. Leading psychologists say that combination of percussion and soft hand movements on the back, legs and arms, as in popular among athletes Swedish massage helps to relax muscle tissue, reduce inflammation and fatigue and improve physical function.

Bodywork exercises are best way for relaxation and physical recovery after active sports. Due to direct effects, massage quickly reduces muscle soreness and possible damage to its fibers. Biological tissues of the body are susceptible to the frequency, duration and strength of the massage. American therapists found that muscles massaging within 4 days after physical activity returns about 60 % strength. An increased number of white blood cells are detected in the body after such rehabilitation that indicates on body recovery.

Modern therapists include laser massage sessions (for 10-20 minutes) into a recovery course of a conventional massage. Bodywork is always started with manual exposure with the mandatory addition of massage oils. It is explained by the fact that laser sensor should slide on oiled skin. Laser massage and body contouring procedures are performed in a convenient position for the patient - he is lying or sitting. Part of the body to be processed, is bared. Doctors use special laser for body contouring and laser hair removal, which brings perfect results in fight with fat depositions, cellulite and unwanted hair.

Laser massage procedure is non-invasive, effective and safe method of body correction, structure of skin improvement and getting rid of extra inches. Laser massage is very effective in integrated programs of body contouring, which may include individual readings of some procedures such as hydro massage, bodywork, body wraps and scrubs procedures, infrared sauna, and other apparatus techniques of body flaws correction – chryo or thermo lifting, pressure therapy and electro lipolyses. Results obtained after these procedures last for a long time because of the technology ability to teach cells intensify their activities. It is required to make one maintenance procedure every month after a course of treatments and this will be enough not only maintain but to enhance results.